Becoming A DOJ Certified Instructor - Firearm Safety Certificate Program

Showket Training is recognized by DOJ as Providing Comparable Firearm Safety Training to Those Entities Specified by Penal Code section 31635, subdivision (b). Training is offered on site for all qualified applicants.

Becoming a DOJ Certified Instructor

All DOJ Certified Instructor applicants are required to have a valid Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and must obtain a COE prior to submitting an application as a DOJ Certified Instructor.

Once you have attained your COE you can submit the application and course completion certificate from Showket Training.

More information on obtaining a COE:

The Certificate of Eligibility application with instructions (form BOF 4008) is available at A Request for Live Scan Service (form BCIA 8016) is attached to the COE application. Please note that COEs must be renewed annually. The COE processing time is approximately 30 days.

Once you have obtained your COE number from the Bureau of Firearms, you can apply to become a DOJ Certified Instructor by completing a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) Program DOJ Certified Instructor application (form BOF 037) available at or apply online through the FSC Certified Instructor Firearm Certification System at 


How our classes work.

FSC Instructor Classes are provided on location of your firearms store. Class time can range from 3 to 6 hours depending on level of knowlede and experience of the staff being trained.

Classes will need a private location to provided demonstrations and student practice for interacting with future customers. Actual firearms must be used, there is no substitute or training firearms.

Pricing for classes is $100 per student, please note there is a $400 minimum.

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