New California Laws for 2021

Thanks to AB 1297
ItĀ could also likely cost more for a concealed firearm permit. The $100 cap on the fee for a concealed firearm permit has been removed by AB 1297. County sheriff's will be able to charged "an amount equal to the actual costs for processing the application" as of January 1.

A gift from AB 1669
Starting Jan. 1, the fees Californians pay the state when purchasing a firearm will climb to $38.19, with the passage of AB 1669 by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda. The bill also updated California's legal code to reflect that gun show regulations apply to ammunition vendors.

Better be smart for SB 172
Also on January 1, an owner of a gun who allows that gun to be taken out of a home by a child can receive up to a 10-year ban from owning guns under SB 172.

SB 376 - gun sales & Purchase
In addition, SB 376 takes effect on January 1 and limits the number of gun transactions a person can make without a firearms dealer license to six times a year. This is in reference to personal transfers. You can only buys or sell up to 6 guns a year through provate party sales.







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